Do You Like Electric Cars? How About Electric Trucks?

Nikola Motor Company (they took the first name of Nikola Tesla) is entering electric vehicles world, big style. They want to bring electric power to trucks, and their first project is called Nikola One (well, that was pretty obvious). It is basically a pretty big rig, powered by electric motors.

The truck has a “6×6 all-wheel drive”, packed with electric motors on all wheels, along with a regenerative braking system. It basically uses the braking momentum to charge batteries. Motors have a voltage of 800 volts, and are giving whopping 2000 horsepower to the vehicle; the usual power of gasoline-powered tractor trailers is around 500 hp, so Nikola One promises 4 times the power along zero percent pollution. Too good to be true? Well, maybe but you must congratulate them just for the amount of courage they have to be able to make this monster their first project.

Battery pack installed into Nikola one has a capacity of 320 kWh, but that’s not all. The ingenious solution Nikola Motor Company has for charging problems is pretty simple if you look at it closer, and very similar to those found in Chevy Volt. They packed a gas tank that is capable of holding 150 gallons of compressed natural gas; that gas is used for powering a turbine used for battery charging, meaning that Nikola One is a serious truck capable of traveling many miles before it needs to be charged. To be more specific, guys at Nikola Motor Company claim that their rig has a range of more than 1200 miles. That’s pretty large range, even by trucking standards.

This is accomplished by using both the gas-powered turbine and regenerative braking, meaning that you’ll have to stop just for the gas refill; battery can be charged only when you’re staying somewhere for the night, if having no time, just fill up the gas tank and continue driving. Nikola One can accelerate from 0 to 60 in just half a minute, and maximum speed when climbing up hills is 60 miles per hour; regular trucks usually need around a minute to achieve 60 miles per hour, and their max speed when conquering a slope is usually around 45 miles per hour.

You can reserve Nikola One for $1500, and when it becomes available you can buy one or lease one, it’s all up to you. The price is $350,000; if you go for lease option, you’ll have to pay $5000 per month.

When looking at it, Nikola One could be the actually usable by serious truckers. With a range of 1200 miles, an engine that can produce 2000 HP, futuristic design, all-wheel drive and smart charging solution this rig could be the first electric-powered big rig. Oh, and it also has 30 percent more spacious interior cabin when compared to regular, diesel-powered trucks. Check out Nikola motor Company’s site, it is filled with information regarding Nikola One, there you’ll find every answer possible.

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