Giving up on Google+, it’s really not worth the effort

After several very frustrating months, I have finally decided to completely give up on getting a working Google+ page . I had inadvertently created two pages, a personal page and a business page  however managed to assign the +Techigy custom URL to the personal page which is not what was intended.

After some research a couple of months ago I found that the recommenced solution was to report the page as abuse and it would be deleted so I gave it a go. Checking on the status of the page over the next several weeks I could see that the page was still there, although unused. I was planning on branding Techigy on Google+ in a similar way that I’ve done on Twitter, Facebook and Apple News, but to no avail.
Whilst it has been straightforward to have all new posts published on Twitter and Facebook, it’s proven virtually impossible for me to have them shared on G+.

Today I took the final steps of deleting all G+ profiles of all my Google accounts. The page remains in place however. Looking at Google’s Help options, it appears you need to post in their G+ Forum however you need to have a G+ profile in order to do so – how absurd!

This isn’t the first time I’ve come across this sort of catch 22 in recent times. Every other social media entity has a method to contact a support department, however this isn’t the case with Google. This sort of approach only alienates businesses from using their applications and tools and one wonders what great minds came up with the idea that their products would be so perfect as to not require support for their users!

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