Google Presented Duo and Allo, A New Pair Of (Video) Chat Apps

During Google’s annual I/O developer’s conference software giant has shown two new apps that should push its Android OS to new heights. They aren’t really competitive in the messaging and communication branch of mobile apps, but with these two new additions Google should get Android users back to using their own messaging apps. The main question is why they chose to go with two apps instead of one? Well, Google wants to offer its users lightweight apps that won’t use up too much of phone processing power, and they also want to offer something that’ll be unlike the rest of messaging apps, where you usually can find all of the features (calls, video calls, messages, etc.) in one place.

Let’s start with Allo, a messaging app that offers integration with Google’s new Google Assistant,  has machine learning capabilities, and will offer users a way to not only communicate with friends but also with Google and numerous other apps. In other words, Allo will allow you to buy things, reserve tickets, share photos on Instagram, reply to Twitter posts, all from within one app. Although this sounds a bit unreal, knowing Google, they have the potential to make all of this work, they’ll just need time.

So, what features does Allo offer? Well, for a start, it offers all of the usual features found in other messaging apps – chat based on phone numbers and Gmail addresses, an incognito option that will offer increased level of privacy, emoji support and the option to enlarge or shrink text with just one pinch. The interesting new features that can’t be found on most other messaging apps are things like smart reply, so you can reply to messages without any typing; and because Allo has machine learning capabilities it will learn your usual replies to different scenarios and will eventually be able to answer to most of the messages without you even lifting your finger. Also, you’ll be able to chat with Google Assistant via Allo, meaning that you can just send it a message asking him which football games are on TV today, and it will reply you, just like some friend would do.

The other app is named Duo, and it is basically an answer to Apple’s FaceTime app. Its main purpose is video calls, and it will also offer some new, interesting features. One of them is a preview feature that’ll allow you to see a real-time image of the person who’s calling you, in order to see if you really want to answer that call or no. For example, if the person who’s calling you is in the company of people you don’t really like to see, you can just use preview, and decide to not answer. Simple, but effective. Another interesting feature of Duo is that the app will offer the same quality of the video, no matter how bad your network is. A bold promise and we’ll have to wait for the summer when Duo and Allo should get released, to see will Google really solve this major problem that bothered almost every user in numerous occasions.

The good news for anyone using it is that Hangouts will stay alive and that Google doesn’t plan to kill it in the future. Both apps will be available for Android and iOS. Two big announcements that will surely make an impact on the messaging app market, we just have to wait for a couple of months to see if Google will really fulfill all the fantastic plans they have for Duo and Allo

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